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It's time! 

I'm keeping a journal of photographic adventures again and hope to stick with it, so feel free to follow along.  I chose an image from this Magnolia shoot for the new blog banner above because I love the play of light and tones.  I won't be thankful for all the pollen that will soon be rampant, but I am grateful for all of the beautiful trees surrounding our area.

Magnolia WoodlandsMagnolia Woodlands

After an unusually cold winter, Spring arrived early in our neck of the woods. First to bloom was this large Magnolia tree at the entrance to our neighborhood. I  like getting out there before Spring rains spoil the blossoms.  This Saucer variety below has very pale blooms, with loosely-formed blush petals that splay open.  My Momma planted a similar Magnolia next to our driveway when I was growing up, so they always remind me of her. I love the juxtaposition below: Spring blooms set against barren trees in the faded background. Bye, bye Winter!

Fairwell to WinterFairwell to Winter  The wonky petals are not unlike angel wings- quite fitting against the puffy-cloud filled blue sky, which always proves to be a great backdrop. Clouds truly make for more interesting shots. I much prefer shooting on days where they're present, as opposed to days of blue, cloudless skies. Clouds equal drama!  Wait for them- you'll be happy you did.  How dreamy is this? More Winter fading away....

Farewell To Winter IIFarewell To Winter II

 Even a Lamp Post in bright daylight becomes magical in a soaring view... Spring Lamp PostSpring Lamp Post

 These photos were all shot using my recently-acquired Lensbaby, Velvet85,  and quite frankly, I'm smitten. It's not just a great lens to have in the repertoire for portraits,  but also renders a softness I find especially desirable for nature and floral images. This, and all of my beloved Lensbaby Lenses allow me to step away from traditional photography and forward into the more abstract ways in which I like to portray nature in my art.  Filled with dreamy soul and full of misty glow, images often take on the quality of watercolor.  True, it's not a lens for those of you into technically correct, sharp tack snaps! It's also wholly manual, and will not communicate with the electronics of your camera, so beware of the learning curve.  Users are encouraged to embrace the blur. I certainly have. 

Pastel DaydreamPastel Daydream

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