It all began with a green Bakelite box.

Allow me to explain:

My passion with photographs began while I was a small child, and ascended proportionately to Mom's desire to keep them from my little hands. She tucked favorites away inside a Pall Mall box with an intaglio on the lid that commanded: Veni Vidi, Vici! When my pleading got the best of her, out came the box. Ever curious, I'd ask questions as she turned them in her hands, revealing captions I could not yet read. She'd say things like "Hold onto the white edges!" or "Careful...fingerprints leave marks!" I knew they were important to her and
in those moments, I learned a valuable lesson: Photographs are not only to share and savor, but are worthy of safekeeping. I've ever since been fascinated with each one!
I'm the artist behind Bellanina Fine Art Photography, affectionately named for my mother Nina. I study her care-worn photos, looking for clues to the past, but I also enjoy preserving old photos for the future. The entire process of photo restoration is an exercise in self-renewal for me, especially since I've discovered the joy of researching my ancestors.

Even more so, creating new photographic art feeds my creative spirit and satisfies my need to share the curious and beautiful. So, I'm over the moon with delight when my work makes its way into your home, or hangs in a local exhibition or gallery. For me, it's an essential connection.

Speaking of which, I want to live in a world where romance is always in the air, where kindness and love prevail, and salted caramel anything is mandatory. Of course, all this is a journey made possible through photography. And as well, through the magic of green Bakelite boxes. Won't you come along for the ride?
Maureen Anne Petrilli

When not listening for the voices of ancestors, or caught up in photography, Maureen can be found sipping red wine on the porch swing with her hubby and the spirit of their departed Yorkie, Lily. She's often surprised how quickly they raised two hysterically witty daughters, then trundled them off to charm the world.